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Confession Of A Shopaholic  My Addiction To Thrift Stores And SalesIf there were one thing that I would share as a kernel of wisdom, bit of fashion advice, or simply a disclosed confession of a shopaholic, it would be to peruse and patronize area thrift stores and consignment shops regularly. It just might pay off.

Second hand shops have come a long way in recent years; whether it is a reflection of the economy or that consumers are becoming more shopping-savvy, more are seeking out the bargains to be found and discount designer clothes and labels in these unlikely venues. Some of my most prized acquisitions cost under a dollar or two- including brand name purses & handbags, high-end shoes, and some fabulous gently used clothing items.

Many folks are giving more readily to area thrift shops in order to take advantage of tax breaks afforded to charitable donations. In some more metropolitan areas, the brands at these retail treasure troves are amazing: Halston, Chanel, and Lauren are joining Calvin Klein, Aigner, and Claiborne. If you are willing to consider items with some- albeit often small- flaw or defect, and willing to have acquisitions cleaned, there is a bevy of discount designer clothes and accessories available for the taking.

Confession Of A Shopaholic  My Addiction To Thrift Stores And SalesLet us not overlook the ecofriendly aspect of thrifting in today’s world- recycling unwanted items makes good sense! While this confession of a shopaholic could bring a blush to my cheeks, I hold my head high knowing that I have done my part to help reduce waste by reusing discarded articles of clothing, shoes, etc. The payoff is impressive- I finally acquired an authentic Kate Spade handbag (after many tries and several counterfeit imitations) for less than $1 in our local Goodwill Store. If you love to shop, have an affinity for discount designer clothes, and have some patience to spare, check out your area thrift stores. Many do good work and kind deeds with the proceeds that they make- and you just may find discount designer clothes, shoes, and handbags that will make it worth your while.

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Confession Of A Shopaholic  My Addiction To Thrift Stores And Sales