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Gold Engagement RingsWhat woman would not love to have their sweetheart propose in the most romantic way possible? That little black box that you know is holding what you have dreamed of; your gold engagement ring. You have looked at so many rings and have settled on gold engagement rings as your favorite. There are several types of rings, white gold, platinum, but not to your liking. There are so many styles of gold engagement rings that you both had a hard time choosing that special one.

The first engagement ring recorded, was a gift to Mary of Burgundy from her finance, Archduke of Australia in 1477. In those times, diamond was a symbol of love, purity, and fidelity. The diamond is a representative of these values today, but other gemstones have meaning also.

If you really want a special ring that no one will ever be able to copy, perhaps you would want to design your own ring. A reputable jewelry store should have no problem helping design your own ring. You can bring your own diamond, or bring a ring that you want to add a new stone. There are solitaire settings, multi stone settings, and wedding ring sets.

Jewelry designers are happy to help you pick one of their designs or welcome a design of your own. Maybe a diamond is not the stone for you. There are other stones like the one in the ring Princess Diana wore when marrying Prince Charles. Hers was a beautiful sapphire that has been copied the world over. When deciding on a ring choose one for your budget, and your taste, for it is a symbol of his love for you.

Today there is a great variety of gold engagement rings available. For many people this can make the choice easier, but for us it was really difficult, because I remember we spent more than two months on deciding which one and at the end decided to design our own. I always wear it. So make sure you wisely choose your ring, because you will be wearing it for a pretty long time.

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Gold Engagement Rings