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Choosing Jewelry SetAn elegant woman is always elegant. No matter what she wears she will surely consider jewelry as one of the important parts of her attire.

However a wise choice of jewelry is not an easy task. In general, you may have two options – buy a set at once or choose from different types and sets trying to match. Of course in the first case it would be easier as it is already done in the same style, but if you’re going to own a bracelet, ring, necklace and earrings yourself do your best to combine well.

Maybe the main classification on this level may be silver and gold jewelry. I will never recommend mixing them. If you have a silver vintage ring and a silver bracelet, never put on a gold necklace. Of course, it’s nice to wear all a rich set, but only if you go to some special occasion or party. But if it’s an everyday appearance never overload yourself – consider only one or two items.

Another good idea may be your jewelry and cloth color coincidence. If wearing brown, dark green, khaki or any other resembling tint it would be better to have golden jewelry on, and if you are in silver or pink then consider silver one. However this color classification is not stable and can be changed if you wish. If you can not afford having several sets at once, you may consider bijoux as well.

Your accessories and especially jewelry speak of your character so express yourself.

Choosing Jewelry Set