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Nothing Beats The Personalised Wedding GiftsOne of the most important occasions in a person’s life is his wedding. It’s the happiest occasion for the bride and groom and an opportunity for you to show how much the couple means to you by giving a gift to mark the day and something they can treasure for the rest of their lives. The key to giving a great gift, which is interesting, practical, unique and innovative, is personalisation. Personalised gifts are tailor-made for a particular individual for a particular occasion. Personalised wedding gifts are the best option for capturing these precious moments.

Etiquettes/traditions while gifting:

If you’ve been invited to a wedding or reception, send a gift irrespective of whether you are attending or not. Usually gifts are sent to the bride in advance. In some localities, gifts are brought to the reception and placed on a special table made specifically for the purpose of keeping gifts brought by guests.

Sometimes the couple getting married would prefer a charitable donation or have a wedding gift wish list so you should respect their wishes and oblige them.

If you receive, the announcement after the wedding then you may send a gift but you are not obliged to do so. You should however send a note/card acknowledging the announcement.
One of the oldest traditions is the exchange of gifts between the couple as it reflects one’s commitment but it’s not mandatory.

Of the more recent traditions is one where the couple may choose to give gifts to their parents, the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

There’s a range of personalised wedding gifts from which you can choose from and with the convenience of shopping online you can purchase a personalised wedding gift and ship it to the couple in no time without leaving your home/office. I love giving gifts to my loved ones and I really want it to be unique and something, which would be useful to the recipient for years.

Here are some personalised wedding gifts ideas:

For the bride – delicate jewellery engraved with the wedding date or a poem, an engraved picture frame, an elegant desk clock, crystal/china crockery engraved with the wedding date, engraved water globes, etc.

For the groom – an engraved watch engraved silver bracelet, tankards/shot glasses, wallet, an engraved flash drive, etc.

For the parents – an engraved letter expressing your gratitude, an engraved bowl, a wine glass set. Etc.

For the bridesmaids – gift baskets filled with goodies like bath oils, photo frames, china crockery with a personalised note, attractive silver bracelet, crystal gift boxes, etc.
For the groomsmen- engraved key chains, pocket watches, lighters, cuff links, engraved pen sets, etc.

You could gift the bride and groom separately or give them a combined gift such as a vacation package. Personally, I feel personalised wedding gifts are perfect gifts and you can never go wrong with it. Then there is an engraved vase or an article of home décor too. The list is endless when it comes to personalised wedding gifts. It’s just a matter of being innovative and thinking from the heart.

Nothing Beats The Personalised Wedding Gifts