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Tea: The Source Of RelaxationTea has a very long, interesting history.

Once upon a time, the Chinese Emperor Shen Hong was going to visit a distant district with his servants. It was a long day’s journey so he decided to rest for a while. The Chinese people believed that the hot water was good for health, so the emperor ordered his servants to boil some water. Suddenly the leaves of camellia fell down into the water. The emperor drank it and found the taste quite pleasant. Besides, he noticed that tea had a refreshing effect. In this way, in 2737 B.C., the magic of tea was discovered.

The word “tea” also comes from the Chinese “Tchai,” “Cha,” and “Tay” and carries a meaning both of a tea leaf and a drink.

Later, this wonderful drink was introduced to Europe and Japan. In Japan, it gained great popularity, and even tea ceremonies were developed. The proper presentation and preparation of this ceremony is an art.

In England tea was very expensive and only the aristocracy had the luxury of enjoying it. Nowadays it’s an affordable drink that can be found in any restaurant or cafe.

There are more than 1,500 types of tea, and most of them can be found in the large tea stores of your state. White, black, oolong and green are the major tea types.  While some people simply enjoy aroma of the tea, others drink it to improve their health.

So, people in Ancient China knew long ago how to appreciate this beverage. They have a proverb that says: “Better to be deprived of food for three days, than tea for one.”

Undoubtedly, tea has a lot of benefits. Tea reduces stress, the risk of disease, boosts the immune system and also works against headaches. I know about the last use from personal experience: whenever I have a headache I drink a cup of tea and enjoy relaxation. Try it yourself and feel the difference.

Photo: © yomi955

Tea: The Source Of Relaxation