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Recipe For A Black Forest CakeCakes are the symbols of special occasions, like a birthday party, an anniversary or a wedding.

Once it was very difficult for people to make cakes. The bakers spent hours and sometimes days to make a mini cake. But today everything has changed. You can get the cake you want, despite its size, within a few hours.

Cakes fall into several groups:

  • Cheesecakes – These cakes are made with cream cheese and contain very little flour.
  • Sponge cakes – These cakes mostly include a lot of flour, sugar and eggs.
  • Butter cakes – These cakes are based on the mixture of butter and eggs.
  • Yeast cakes – These cakes are like yeast breads; an example is a Stollen.

Also cakes fall into two other groups — white cakes and chocolate cakes. Chocolate cakes have been popular with people since the end of the 19th century. These cakes are usually served at weddings and birthday parties.

The variety of chocolate cakes can make you go mad (of course if you love cake). But there is one that will always attract my attention despite the number of the all the other cakes in the store. It is the Black Forest cake.

Basically, the Black Forest cake consists of a few chocolate layers. The cake cream is whipped and there are cherries between each layer. This cake has a German origin. And the feature that makes it specific is the cherry pit flavor and the alcoholic content.

What will you need to bake a Black Forest cake? I can tell you for sure that you won’t need much:

  • Eggless chocolate sponge cake
  • Whipped cake cream
  • Maraschino cherries juice
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla
  • Cherries (the amount is your choice)

Now that you have these things you can start baking. Follow the following instructions — bake the chocolate cake. After that make small holes in the layers of the cake, pour the juice into those holes (don’t pour too much, otherwise the cake will be very moist to hold), then put the layers into the fridge for an hour so that the juice passes through every component of the cake.

While the cake is in the fridge, start making the cream. It is not difficult to make at all. Beat the cream with a hand beater until you notice soft peaks. Add sugar and mix lightly.

An hour later take the layers out of the refrigerator, spread the whipped cream, put the second layer on the first one and keep on spreading the cake cream all over the cake. At the end don’t forget to spread chocolate chips on the cake and to put the sweet cherries. The decoration of your cake is over. If only I could taste it with you right now!

Enjoy this most delicious piece of art!

Photo © Mikelo

Recipe For A Black Forest Cake
  • Dorothy

    Hey, I was reading your post and I just wanted to say thank you for putting out such excellent content. There is so much crap on the internet these days its hard to find anything worthwhile. I actually have cooked this recipe before, I got this book last month on recommendation from a friend and it turned out really nice! I’m very eager to try your variation of it though, it looks fantastic. I think you might enjoy those recipes, they’re very good. Thanks for the article and tips.

  • Brian Hughes

    i’d love to munch those very big cheesecakes, they are really tasty and sweet