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Make Impression With Homemade CakeYour in-laws decided to make a visit for the first time. And you know that your mother in law likes chocolate cake. Do you want to impress her? Then lets start!

There are many easy cake recipes, one of which is the following:
First of all you need a cup of butter, 2 cups sugar, a little baking soda, 3 cups of floor, 1 cup milk, 3 separated eggs, 1 teaspoon vanilla and a little salt.

Blend butter and sugar, then blend egg yolks, add vanilla to milk and then pour dry ingredients to the mixture.

Then beat well egg whites, fold into butter and mix until blended. Then pour it into a cake pan, bake at 350° for about 35 or 45 minutes. Your tasty cake is ready.

If you want to decorate your cake easily you can spread a layer of icing on the top of the cake and then start spreading in all directions. In the end you will have a blank canvas on which you can decorate it with fruits, colorful jelly beans. You can even write whatever you want on your cake.

Your cake will not only be very beautiful but tasty as well. Your in-laws will surely like your cake when they learn that it was baked by you, and you will surely make an impression.

Photo ©  ginnerobot

Make Impression With Homemade Cake